Bridging Communication Gaps in a Transforming, Time-Challenged World 



New Book in the Works:

For many of you who have been asking me to write the next book—it's underway. It's a 21st century resource for being your best at a moment's notice in a world of change, time pressure and continuous partial attention. You’ll get practical, sometimes humorous tools, stories and principles to help you make better choices under pressure and prevent and troubleshoot communication snafus at work, at home and in your community.

While I’m researching and writing this spring and summer, I’ll be taking a break from speaking however I will be offering workshops this spring and summer in the U.S. and in Europe. I look forward to resuming my speaking schedule in the fall.

Presenting this spring:

COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE TOOLS: How to Be Your Best in Challenging Times

How can we respond better to uncomfortable, even heated moments when dealing with staff, parents, teachers and others? How do we regain our composure when:

• We're sure "we're right and they're wrong"
• We don't have the time to be patient
• We take it personally
• We don't know how to 'just say no' to someone
• We've just had it with someone who doesn't 'get it' and find it hard to be our best

This interactive workshop will address these questions in spontaneous give and take exchanges with participants who come ready to seek insight into current or recent situations that are especially tricky to handle. Participants will be better able to understand what sparks an upset and how to use advanced communication tools to help us be our best in what can often feel like the worst of times. This workshop uses accelerated learning, kinesthetic, see one do one teach one principles.

This is one of three workshops being presented this spring for:

an internationally recognized early childhood music program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them.

New Keynote and Workshop:

Smart Choices in Tough Times: How to find advantage in adversity?

With customers cutting budgets, hitting their own tipping point and switching to other products and providers—just how do you and your employees:

• Keep the customers you have without breaking the bank
• Acquire new customers

This new management workshop or keynote helps Executives and managers:

• Make better decisions
• Identify market niches
Capitalize on hidden opportunities
Wisely reduce expenses
• Consider strategic investments and personnel development during changing, uncertain economic times

You and your team learn to find potential advantages in adversity and pay attention to the little things that often matter most in tough times. This program also teaches individuals and teams how to truly prioritize — something many managers have lost the ability to do in an environment of overwhelm, multi-tasking, competition and a 24 hour global economy. Program can be done as a keynote, in 1-1 executive coaching sessions, an offsite strategy session with your team, or a series of offsites. Can be customized to meet client’s needs.

NEW Sales and Customer Relationship Workshop

Let’s Make a Better Deal sm

Executives and staff learn 21st century skills to compete for your customers’ time, attention and money in a ‘pressed for time’ world. How? By learning advanced skills to understand what customers, need, want and value in changing and uncertain times. This workshop can be customized to help your professionals overcome unique industry obstacles. It can be provided in half day, ¾ day or two part segments. What’s the impact? Participants said they learned to:

http://www.freedigitalphotos.netProvide better solutions and gain trust
• Understand all aspects & variables of the deal
• Understand what prospect wants/needs even when they aren’t clear
• Close more deals
• Price deals using more information I can now acquire better
• Have more influence through listening
• More appropriately structure deals
• Be more effective in negotiating to win new business
• Make deals that will be more profitable to the “bottom line”
• Understand coworkers better and work together to seal the deal

New Management Program

Leverage Your Strengths and Advance Up The Ladder…attend Florida International University’s Women on the Move® executive development program. In collaboration with the Dean of F.I.U.’s Business School, Joyce Elam, Nance will co-lead this hands-on, fast paced leadership development intensive. It’s geared for mid to senior level women mangers in business, government and other organizations who want to go back to work with a practical action plan to:

• Be an effective decision-maker and align others behind your choices
• Negotiate to reveal unexpected options that resolve conflict and enhance the bottom line and relationships
• Lead teams and projects while motivating others to take the initiative and assume ownership for success
• Develop your personal strengths and go beyond your limitations
• Articulate your vision and lead others to execute it effectively

For more information contact:

Opportunities for Speaking,
Emceeing or Teaching
  • Interactive, motivational keynotes and workshops
  • Inspirational speaking at large professional retreats, conferences
  • Visits to business, civic, and community organizations
  • Grand Rounds for medical centers and hospitals
  • Special programs for patient and support groups, churches and synagogues
  • Educational keynotes for universities, foundations and non-profits
  • Special appearances and phone events for reading and book groups

If you would like me to speak at an event or to your group please contact me at:


Business and Professional Organizations

Keynote Speaker for Chartered Financial Analysts Seminar, Chicago

Presented financial leaders with advanced communications tools to increase their influence and their return on high risk, high performance conversations during times of uncertainty and change in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  The Financial Analysts Seminar is one of the most comprehensive professional development programs for investment professionals from around the world.

Let’s Make a Better Dealsm Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty    

This advanced interactive sales seminar sharpens the skills of current and future rainmakers and their teams. The training gives sales and service professionals new ways to acquire and retain clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The program helps a company gain competitive advantage by having skilled employees who can thoughtfully and quickly discern the unspoken needs and wants of clients and then translate that into a better, more profitable deal and client relationship.

Launched Women on the Move®, Florida International University’s new leadership development program for top women executives. Nance developed and co-facilitated this 3.5 day program with FIU Business School Dean, Joyce Elam. For information on the upcoming May or Fall programs please visit:

Keynote Speaker: Garden Writers Association of America, New York

Interactive presentation to over 500 members of this professional organization.  They explored what it takes in today's busy world to "cultivate listening" and how to thoughtfully get beneath the surface of someone's words to truly understand their meaning.

Work Smarter Togethersm

Florida Board of Governor's Leadership OFFSITE for the Chancellor and senior staff. Developed cost and time effective offsite for 65 executives and staff to help advance their capacity to support one of the nation's fastest growing public university systems in a time of tight budgets. This new format allows for small and large group leadership and skills development, frank exchanges, and priority setting without requiring a retreat (Please see the Retreats link for details on customizing this for your organization)

Ohio University Leadership Retreat. Leadership design and facilitation for Ohio University Foundation's Executive Board. Working with this organization to help them design and execute strategies to meet their short and long-range goals of national prominence.

Emcee: PE4LIFE Kids Summit, Washington, DC

"I'm especially appreciative of your role in hosting and moderating our National PE4life Summit we hosted in Washington DC in 2004. You were terrific in enhancing the work of our speakers, tying the various elements of the event together and activating the participants to take action. You have a wonderful ability to listen and understand points of view from multiple audiences."
Brenda VanLengen -
VP Operations, PE4life

Leadership Retreats for Growing Organizations

During several retreats for managers and teams, senior executives of Whole Foods Markets learned how advanced communication skills can help them manage their extraordinary growth.

Featured speaker: Client and Donor Appreciation Events

Companies and nonprofit organizations ask Nance to give their clients and donors a memorable experience that enables them to handle whatever life sends their way in today’s times. She spoke at several appreciation events – VIP breakfasts, lunches or dinners - where participants shared their own experiences. They also learned practical communication skills to help them with the potentially awkward or poignant conversations when dealing with professional or family dilemmas, health, wealth, retirement, loss, care giving or simply the changes that affect everyone sooner or later in life today. Participants received copies of Nance’s book as a gift and resource to share with their family.

Health Care Organizations, Patient and Caregiver Groups

Conference Wrap-up-Keynote Speaker

The National Parkinson Foundation asked Nance to empower their 350 participants with communication tools that would enable them to apply lessons learned at their annual conference for young onset patients and caregivers. 

Grand Rounds: Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, Dallas

"The two Healing Conversations presentations you tailored to our unique specialty hospital and culture really impacted over 100 staff who attended.  As we treat chronically ill children, we are consistently dealing with difficult family, life, and personal situations. Your inspirational book and words were so helpful and comforting to so many staff."

Conference Facilitator, Co-designer, Speaker:  

Humanistic Medicine, Self-Care And the Art of Life Well-Practiced, Society for Humanism in Medicine's 35th annual conference. Facilitated and co-designed the content and framework for this week long gathering.  Medical professionals and their families explored how to work and live at a time when the profession is coping with burnout, stress and change. Third appearance at this conference.

Emcee and Speaker: For 2-year National Educational Outreach Tour support Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Caregivers
Emcee/speaker for over 50 programs reaching several thousand patients and caregivers in Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Miami, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Tampa, Washington, New York, Denver, St. Louis, Kansas City, Buffalo, Orlando, Nashville, and other cities.  Serono and Pfizer Pharmaceutical companies sponsored the events.

Featured Speaker:  

Grand Rounds and continuing education credit programs for hospitals around the country including: Baptist Health South Florida; Covenant Health, Milwaukee; Sylvester Cancer Center, Miami; Barrow Neurological Center, Phoenix; Froedtert  Medical College, Milwaukee; University of San Francisco; Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital; and Fletcher Allen Hospital, Vermont.

Keynote Speaker: Three Women's Wellness Days

Over 2500 people have attended healing conversations communications workshops at three Women's Wellness days sponsored by local hospitals. Baptist Hospital in Miami, Dartmouth-Hitchcock in New Hampshire and the Women's Well Being Day at Covenant Healthcare in Milwaukee.  Audiences asked great questions and came prepared to learn something they could use right away with family, friends and coworkers.  Many wondered what they could have done differently to handle a tough conversation. Others asked how they could talk with someone they cared about but had been concerned about saying the wrong thing.

"You were a hit to members of the community as one of our keynote speakers at our annual Women's Health day.  Regardless of the audience, your presentation positively touched many lives here in South Florida."    

Maribeth Rouseff
Asst. Vice President - Baptist Health, South Florida

Featured speaker: Schwartz Center Hospital Rounds, Salem Hospital

Nance led an educational presentation with a lay chaplain and hospice nurse while interacting with medical professionals at Salem Hospital.  These special rounds help caregivers gain insights into how to consistently apply the principles of caring, kindness, and compassion in their work - in spite of the increasingly difficult situations that they or their patients face in today's hospital environments. Cosponsored by the Hospice of the North Shore, Massachusetts

Keynote inspirational speaker: Women Connected, Wisconsin

Over 100 members of a Wisconsin based philanthropic organization participated in a keynote presentation about the power of listening to be a healing tool.  Women Connected also sold books to raise funds to support the efforts of Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer

Keynote presentation to launch a special month of educating residents about ways to treat, diagnose, and prevent breast cancer.  Nance offered audience advanced skills in how to live with a cancer diagnosis, how to support friends going through cancer treatments, and how caregivers can acknowledges their own needs, too. 

Week-long series of events: Raising Funds and Cancer Awareness

As faculty-in-residence for Harmony Hill, a holistic wellness center, Nance spent a week (through workshops, community programs, and special events) raising funds and awareness for their services. The center provides assistance to those challenged by life-threatening or chronic disease and serves patients, family members, and healing professionals.

Featured Speaker: Hospice of the North Shore
The Hospice sponsored an evening on healing conversations, offering families the opportunity to learn how to
deal with the inevitably poignant and sensitive topics they face as loved ones are very sick, living the last days or weeks of their life, or have died.

A recent community tragedy involving the death of a teenager made the evening especially timely in allowing participants to seek help in what to say and how to be in the aftermath of a very public loss.


Keynote Speaker: Society for Humanism in Medicine Annual Conferences

Presented keynotes and interactive workshops on communication and conflict resolution two years in a row. These conferences offered medical professionals intensive opportunities to explore difficult issues. AMA certified Nance's programs for continuing education credits in communication.

Community Outreach

Featured Speaker for the Rotary Club of Miami

It's always a treat for Nance to speak to Rotary Club members and learn about their community service projects. Members heard how applying the Healing Conversations principles of listening can make a difference in business and in community service.  Nance has spoken to several Rotary clubs in other cities and welcomes the opportunity to support their work.

Guest speaker for the Yale Divinity School

Marquand Chapel 'guest sermon' on The Sacred Art of Listening.  Nance was asked to provide both a sermon and a workshop to contribute new insights for seminary graduate students into how to have healing conversations and open minded discourse, especially at times when congregants or peers disagree on issues.

Wealth Management and Charitable Giving Seminar

Speaker and moderator. Co-sponsored by AACR, the world's leading cancer research and education organization, and by Brown Brothers, this seminar will help estate planners and wealth managers better understand the research legacy opportunities available in collaborating with the American Association of Cancer Research.

Tufts University: College Course on Powerful Conversations 

The Art of Conversation: Listen and Be Heard in Today's World.  Nance developed and taught a semester course for Tufts University students to strengthen their awareness of what blocks their (and others') ability to communicate.  They also learned how to engage in civil discourse by learning how to create a listening for their speaking by first cultivating a capacity to truly understand what someone else said and meant.

Boston's historic Trinity Church at Copley Plaza, Boston

Guest interactive lecturer on the sacred art of listening as part of the church's focus on what they call ‘Holy Listening' followed by a book signing for Healing Conversations

Memorial Lecture Speaker: Community Synagogue

Adat Shalom Synagogue in Detroit asked Nance to deliver the 2nd annual I Dr. Fred Benderoff Memorial Healing Lecture.  The evening was an opportunity to raise the "consciousness of spiritual healing and strength in combating illness and difficult times."  More than 200 attended the interactive learning session on the healing power of listening in action and why it's important to have seemingly awkward conversations with those you care for.before it's too late.  Note: Other synagogues have asked Nance to provide workshops on difficult conversations, listening skills and lay counseling insights. 

Church Gathers for an Evening of Fellowship and Healing Conversations 

Over 100 members of Skillman Church of Christ in Dallas came out on a freezing cold night to actively participate in learning how to support one another when faced with a personal or family crisis. What to say in awkward moments and how to be with another's pain were among the topics covered.  Note: Several church book clubs and women's fellowship groups have asked Nance to lead them in exploring how to provide or ask for support during difficult times. 

Guest speaker for Residents in Assisted Living Communities

Residents of Alexian Village in Milwaukee and Firlane in Union, WA peppered Nance with questions about dealing with their grandchildren and their children's dilemmas such as when a son-in-law loses his job or a child is diagnosed with an illness.  They also wanted better ways to respond when a fellow resident has a loss or endures chronic pain.  They shared stories of what they wished people had said to them during difficult times in their lives, especially when coping with losing a spouse, their need for independence and feeling valued.



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