Bridging Communication Gaps in a Transforming, Time-Challenged World 



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"Nance Guilmartin's list of accomplishments reflects her success in fields of study other than the art of communication.  Guilmartin is a four-time Emmy award winning broadcast journalist, has served as Press Secretary to the late US Senator Paul Tsongas, and is a former Westinghouse Broadcasting senior marketing executive. 

Today, Guilmartin is a business consultant and public speaker.  She helps companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals achieve success by what she calls, "strengthening what is often their weakest link: Communications."  

The Tufts Daily


"This thoughtful book by a business consultant and former broadcast journalist offers valuable help for situations where one must ask - What Do I Say When...?"   MORE

John Langone
- Books on Health
The New York Times

"Giving your book to our clients showed that we care not only about protecting their wealth but also about investing in their well-being."

Steven D. Hayworth
Chairman, President and CEO - Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

"Although understanding how to comfort someone often only comes with living through difficult times, Nance's book helps you get started.taking those first steps toward helping someone in distress."

Niki Tsongas

"This book teaches us how to pause long enough to listen into the silence of another's pain and to facilitate the body's potential to heal itself."

James Waslaski
past Chair, American Massage Therapy National Sports Massage Education Council

"In coaching managers to have difficult conversations, and having many of them myself, I realize that our fear in having that tough talk is actually worse than the conversation itself. [These] stories remove some of the stumbling blocks and once read, are transformed into personal courage."

Gwendy Longyear-Hayden
Director, Human Capital Solutions, Resources Connection

"Your book helps clergy like myself be more attuned to what people in trouble are saying. It is a great teaching tool for me and my colleagues."

Aram Marashlian
Massachusetts Firefighters Chaplains Association

"I know that people mean well when they give you advice but most of the time you need them to just listen. I recommend this book as a guide to communication - and a wonderful gift for someone going through a difficult time."

Christine Felix
cancer survivor  


"During the weeklong conference Ms. Guilmartin conducted two workshops on communication, which were both extremely well received by the audience of 125 registrants. These keynote presentations left a lasting impression on those in attendance.

 She intertwines humor and poignancy with real life experiences which leaves those in attendance with the necessary tools to enhance the way in which they interact with people in both their personal and professional arenas. The lasting impression she made on our group was illustrated by the fact that she was invited back this year to our annual February meeting to conduct another workshop for our members.

There is no doubt that Ms. Guilmartin provides an audience with a refreshing, practical and sensible guide in how to relate with others which will make them more effective in their daily interactions with them."

Rudi Ansbacher, MD,MS
Professor Emeritus Obstetrics and Gynecology & Past President of Society for Humanism in Medicine     

"You were a hit to members of the community as one of our keynote speakers at our annual Women's Health day.  Regardless of the audience, your presentation positively touched many lives here in South Florida."    

Maribeth Rouseff
Asst. Vice President - Baptist Health, South Florida


"Refreshingly novel presentation."

"Fantastic. Learned much about my communication with people and how to use time more effectively. 

"Excellent insight into listening!"

"Our office received numerous calls following the program from our guests and from those who heard about the event after the fact. Your presentation sent a sign that Gibraltar Bank cares about more than just handling our clients' wealth, we care about their well-being."  

"I'm especially appreciative of your role in hosting and moderating our National PE4life Summit we hosted in Washington DC in 2004. You were terrific in enhancing the work of our speakers, tying the various elements of the event together and activating the participants to take action. You have a wonderful ability to listen and understand points of view from multiple audiences."

Brenda VanLengen -
VP Operations, PE4LIFE Kids Summit, Washington, DC

Participant comments from Communications Workshop:

"I found the role-playing exercise very educational. Nance Guilmartin has a wonderful presence and is a great educator!"


"I have worked with Nance for two years in varying contexts at both Florida International University ,where I served as the chief operating officer, and now at the Board of Governors of the State University System, where I now serve as Chancellor.  Ms. Guilmartin is by far one of the  most talented and thoughtful organizational development consultants with whom I have ever worked.  She is deliberate, resourceful, perceptive, conscientious and purposeful.

At FIU she served as both a consultant to our senior executive staff, our Deans, their Department Chairs and the President, as well as a personal coach for me. She tackled complex organizational situations with skill, confidence, and professionalism. She helped us sort through a variety of communication, relationship, and interpersonal dynamics. She went on to assist me in developing a communication/problem solving methodology for working with my mid-level managers that was crucial to raising their confidence in our ability to address long standing issues that seemed insoluble. Throughout, she offered to those participating in her problem-solving  meetings some important tools that they themselves could/should use to improve their organizational effectiveness and leadership."

Mark Rosenberg
Chancellor, Board of Governors, State of Florida University System

"Nance has incredible insights into human and organizational behavior and has the  rare talent to quickly gain the confidence and trust of those she works with.

Within a very short period of time, Nance was able to identify the issues keeping my team from being as effective as it needed to be and to teach us new techniques for  interacting with each other that let us confront and solve problems, that in the past, we would have chosen to ignore.  

Her effect on my team and me has been truly transformational. 

It is empowering to feel that I now have a team of individuals that have a common vision around
which we can work. 

I know that there will be many conflicts ahead, but I feel like we have a framework in which to work
through them." 

Joyce Elam - Executive Dean, 
Florida International University School of Business
International Businesswoman of the Year, 2005

"I have to admit that several of my senior managers questioned the need to have a class on the topic of listening. 

Not only have our bankers become better listeners, but we are  now more comfortable asking questions that may have difficult answers but are necessary to building a relationship of trust with our affluent clients.

Without question, the training  programs you delivered to Gibraltar Bank have had a great impact on me and my colleagues.  This has directly resulted in more business for our company."

Steven D. Hayworth
Chairman, President and CEO - Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

"Nance has conducted day, full day and 2 day sessions for our entire agency on topics including  effective listening and communications, how to have courageous and difficult conversations and  advanced communication skills.  

We have witnessed first hand the positive effects of the workshops, resulting in more effective communication among employees, between managers and between account teams and the client."     

Carlyn Jefford, 
VP - HR, Cone, Inc. 

"Just one day after your Courageous Conversations workshop, we used the techniques you taught us to uncover the "real" problem with a key client. Our account is back on solid ground and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Jens Bang - 
President and Chief Operating Officer, Cone, Inc.

"Captured here in Healing Conversations are words of wisdom that can enhance personal growth as well as professional development."

Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith
Provost/Senior VP Academic Affairs, York College CUNY

"Your workshop on Team Building and Customer Relations Skills was the best 
session our trainers have  ever attended. 

You presented the subject matter in a way that the participants had never thought of.  

What impressed me the most was how you incorporated our pre-seminar discussions regarding the  division's goals and the areas that were holding the team back. 

Now we're moving forward!"

David Anderson
Former Director Environmental Health and Safety Consulting and Regulatory Training Services, Clean Harbors, Inc.


"Having participated in nine retreats with Ms. Guilmartin during these two years, she has never disappointed and we have always gotten valuable results. I heartily and without reservation recommend her."

Mark Rosenberg
Chancellor, Board of Governors, State of Florida University System

"You took nine CEO's, all from different walks of life, on a journey that gave us a powerful appreciation for what makes each of us unique. We left our retreat amazed at how much we had learned about ourselves and the ways we can unconsciously shut down or open up others in our personal and professional lives."

Gary Saunders -
Forum Moderator, Young Presidents' Organization (YPO)

"I approached the first retreat confident that Nance would add value.   She exceeded my expectations as evidenced by the fact that within six weeks,  I utilized her at two additional retreats."

David Hampson -  
CEO, Willis Corroon Corporation


"Nance helped us, on the one hand, to make some broad organizational decisions while at the same time teaching us how to listen to each other and to work more productively together. The retreat was a remarkable demonstration of the power of her own listening skills and she served as an extremely effective model and mentor for all of us."

David Rose - 
Executive Director, CAST, Center for Applied Special Technology

"Thank you for not only attending to our group needs, but also your efforts to get to know us as individuals.  You really helped to move us forward. I hope [we] have future opportunities to spend time with you."  

Individual participant in recent retreat  


Result: Revenue Growth

"Our personal coaching sessions have helped me be a better leader in that I am more aware of the needs of  our clients and my colleagues, I feel more confident communicating with those around me and now have a greater ability to formulate and visualize our strategy. 

Thank you for your contributions to Gibraltar Bank's success."

Steven D. Hayworth
Chairman, President and CEO - Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

Result: Better Decisions

"Your coaching has made a real contribution to advancing us toward our goal of consistent Four Star Hotel service. The amazing thing is that immediately after a coaching with you we can walk right out the door and take action, which often produces extraordinary results for all parties involved. In short, having you as a coach makes running a company, not only more profitable but more rewarding, for me and for the people I am responsible for leading."            

Jeffrey Saunders -
President, Lenox and Copley Square Hotels

"Like most organizations today, we struggle to stay on top of our day-to-day responsibilities, let alone take the time to think, deliberate, and effectively plan for the future.  Twice in the past
year, Nance has facilitated retreats for us involving board members, physicians, scientists, and other key leaders.  She helped us crystallize the agendas and 'real' objectives of the meetings, and served as a catalyst for collaborative decision-making.  Nance is a keen observer of the 'languages' in the room; her facilitation skills have helped us stay on track, while still ensuring  that everyone's opinion was heard."

W. Jarrard Goodwin, MD, FACS
Director, University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

"Our patients arrive in our OR very vulnerable. Their questions can be difficult to answer. You provided the staff with tools to handle these types of situations very compassionately.  Your presentation was not only useful for communicating with our patients, but also with our peers and family members. I was impressed with your ability to draw out participants. and personalize the presentation for the staff."

Kathleen A. Trieb, RN, 
Nurse Educator, Operating Room, Fletcher Allen Health Care, University of Vermont Medical Center

"Nance is, refreshingly, not a keynote speaker who shows up, speaks and darts away.  She sat in on conference sessions, shared meals and met attendees - truly getting a sense of issues important to the young-onset Parkinson community.  Her sensitivity to people with Parkinson disease and their carepartners, as well as her expertise in listening and communication skills, gave our attendees "something to take home" to apply in their lives. As a result of our experience with Nance as a speaker, we are now collaborating with her on a national, signature project."

MaryAnn Sprinkle, 
Assistant Vice President Medical Development University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

"These stories [in her book] enable any one-whether you are a volunteer, teacher, doctor, government leader, lay counselor, friend, or confidant-to be more at ease when dealing with the unimaginably difficult situations both survivors and responders encounter during disaster and recovery efforts."

David W. Oberdorfer 
Emergency Room Physician, M.D.  


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