Bridging Communication Gaps in a Transforming, Time-Challenged World 





in a time-challenged world

What's the one overriding challenge organizations have in common?  

Not enough time.  

It is a primary obstacle to growth. Success today demands training and abilities to get the most out of the time you, your employees and your customers, patients or colleagues have by:

  • Having important, yet often postponed conversations about conflicts or concerns
  • Being curious or avoiding making assumptions about another's viewpoint when you disagree; maybe you missed something in translation
  • Listening at 100% levels - even when you don't think you have the time
  • Learning to pause long enough to understand whether what someone said is what you heard and is what you heard what they meant
  • Maintaining focus and self control when the heat is on with a colleague, an employee or a client and learning to quickly get to the underlying issues
  • Avoiding jumping to conclusions about the problem. or the solution

Regardless of what role you play in an organization - having these skills can make all the difference...
- Between winning and losing. 
- Between healing a patient and being ineffective. 
- Between getting a job done and delivering extraordinary results.

"Without question, the training
 programs you delivered to Gibraltar Bank have had a great impact on me
and my colleagues. 

This has directly resulted in more
business for our company."

Steven D. Hayworth -
Chairman, President and CEO
Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

TRAINING can be provided in time and cost effective formats: 

Training can be provided in 4 hour, 1 or 2-day segments or in a series of short programs and followed up by email or phone coaching as needed.

What's the approach?  Real Time Application

An interactive, accelerated learning...
"see one, do one, teach one" approach is used.  

Workshops enable participants to take home new practices for immediate use whether it's with customers, peers, employees, patients, bosses, managers or investors.

" Nance has conducted ½ day, full day and 2 day sessions for our entire agency on topics including  effective listening and communications, how to have courageous and difficult conversations and  advanced communication skills.  

We have witnessed first hand the positive
effects of the workshops, resulting in
more effective communication among employees, between managers and between account teams and the client."     

Carlyn Jefford, VP - HR, Cone, Inc.      

include, but are not limited to:

Power of Pause®: 
Improves Problem Solving and Effective Communication

A practical workshop that challenges employees, of any level in an organization, to learn Communication Power Tools in order to:

- Confirm understanding, not just of what they heard, but what someone really meant

- Learn the powerful, but rarely taught art and multi-level process of listening

- Respond thoughtfully under heated circumstance

- Get curious instead of reactive, advance listening skill

- Clarify expectations - of customers, patients, peers, bosses, etc.

- Identify the hidden problem or solution beneath what's initially presented at the surface  

"I have to admit that several of my 
senior managers questioned the need
to have a class on the topic of listening. 

Not only have our bankers become 
better listeners, but we are  now more comfortable asking questions that may
have difficult answers but are necessary
to building a relationship of trust with
our affluent clients."

Steven D. Hayworth -
Chairman, President and CEO
Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

Courageous Conversations: 
Advanced Workshop on Difficult Conversations

Individuals will have the chance to be proactive, to apply skills to current situations and leave with a plan for addressing them and for moving forward.  

Advanced session teaches individuals or teams:

- Practical, powerful worksheet process to become less reactive and to apply emotional intelligence

- To prepare for and have vital, often difficult or sensitive conversations

- To more effectively deal with long-standing or breaking point problems

- To handle personnel challenges with high potential or under performing staff

- Resolve conflicts involving project management, who's really in charge, accountability and customers.

"Just one day after your "Courageous Conversations" workshop, we used the techniques you taught us to uncover the "real"  problem with a key client. Our account is back on solid ground and we look forward to working with you in the future."  
Jens Bang,
President and 
Chief Operating Officer, Cone, Inc.

"From the audience of fifty nursing scholars to the double-ballroom that housed all the employees (400) in Baptist Outpatient Services, your message and delivery, both captivated and educated." 

Maribeth Rouseff
Asst. Vice President - 
Baptist Health, South Florida

Healing Conversations:

This 1-2 hour session teaches professionals and the general public the art of offering, asking for and receiving comfort during life's inevitably awkward or difficult moments. 

This hands on interactive workshop is
especially helpful for empowering patients, caregivers, professionals in the service industries, healing and medical professionals and lay and spiritual counselors. 

Also appropriate for general audiences who want to be better prepared to respond to a world of change, uncertainty and the unexpected.

"Captured here in Healing Conversations are words of wisdom that can enhance personal growth as well as professional development."

Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith
Provost/Senior VP Academic Affairs, York College CUNY


Mentoring / Executive Development:  
Training Senior Executives/Managers to Bring Out The Best in their People

Clients asking for this program are on a good to great fast track. They can't afford to lose good people, wonder whether others can become even better, and want to provide extra attention to their best performers. 

They want their executives to quickly advance their ability to provide constructive feedback and appreciation in ways that take staff to much higher levels of performance. 

Training enables participants to offer better mentoring to maximize staff performance and can dramatically increase the executive's self-awareness about valuable opportunities for their own professional growth.  

The format for this training varies depending upon goals, existing skills and budget. It can be provided one-one, in  a small group, via phone or a combination of approaches.

"Your workshop on Team Building and 
Customer Relations Skills was the best 
session our trainers have  ever attended. 

You presented the subject matter in a way that the participants had never thought of.  

What impressed me the most was how you incorporated our pre-seminar discussions regarding the  division's goals and the areas that were holding the team back. 

Now we're moving forward!"

David Anderson
Former Director Environmental Health and Safety Consulting and Regulatory Training Services, Clean Harbors, Inc.

Customized workshops can be created based on the needs of your organization.
E-MAIL for more information

Recent Workshops/Training include:

Power of Pause® and Communication Power ToolsT 
Training Programs have been provided to senior managers around the country, (technology, banking, transportation logistics, telecommunications, public relations, sales, medicine) and most recently, at Florida International University at the Business School, the Honors College, the Online University and for a cross-functional team providing technology and change-management problem solving throughout the university.

Listening Workshop for Educators: Princeton, New Jersey
Music Together Directors Meeting Over 100 educators received an advanced listening and communications Workshop to assist with parent, teacher, child, and peer conversations. This international organization offers a unique approach to early childhood music development for very young children and their parents, teachers, and other caregivers. 

CME Conference featured workshop presenter: Multiple Sclerosis Professionals
Provided several workshops to help people learn to apply the power of listening and compassionate communication even at the most challenging moments of living and working with this disease. Emcee and communications workshop for a CME conference of neurology nurses. Iowa and Florida. 

College Course on Powerful Conversations: Tufts University
The Art of Conversation: Listen and Be Heard in Today's World
was a semester long course for Tufts University students. Nance taught them to strengthen their awareness of what blocks their (and others') ability to communicate and how to better create a listening for their speaking by first cultivating a capacity to truly understand what someone else said and meant. Read more about it in The Tufts Daily.

Advancing Communication Skills for Nurses, Doctors, and Medical Professionals
Series of customized Power of Pause® workshops across the country offered medical professionals advanced training in communication and listening skills for use with peers, staff, patients, and the patient's caregivers. Baptist Hospital, Miami; University of Miami School of Nursing; Covenant Hospital, Milwaukee; Froedert Medical College, Wisconsin; Barrow Neurological Center, Phoenix; Sylvester Cancer Center, Miami; Society for Humanism in Medicine.

Gilda's Club in North Texas: Cancer Patient and Support Workshop
Nance donated a communications workshop to staff, volunteers, (patients, survivors and family). Participants learned how to deal with 'unhealing' conversations, how to ask for what would be more helpful, how to 'get curious not furious' and understand not just what people say but also what they mean.

Courageous ConversationsT Workshops and 1-1 executive training have been provided to various clients around the country to advance their conflict resolution skills and teach them the skills and application of emotional intelligence to effectively use the "How to Have Successful Difficult Conversations" worksheet.

Michigan Medical Society Workshop on Mentoring and Developing a Mentoring Program for the state. Focused on communication and group dynamic skills.



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